Astro-Charts Affiliate Program

Are you an Astrology blogger or enthusiast? Become an Astro-Charts Affiliate and start earning money today!

We offer the simplest astrology affiliate program. It is as easy as placing a snippet of code on your website of our birth chart or synastry chart generator tool. The commission for each report sold using our tools is 50%. Our commissions are paid out automatically and painlessly using the payment processor Stripe.

Review the 3 easy steps below and get started right away. For questions feel free to contact us at We are happy to have you onboard!


To become an Affiliate for Astro-Charts, you place a snippet of code on your site (it can be in multiple locations) to display one of the create chart tools below. When customers buy the associated report on your site you will recieve a commission.

The two iframe tools available are a birth chart tool which sells the Guide to Your Birth Chart and a synastry chart tool which sells the Guide to Your Synastry Chart.


The commission for the sale is 50% of the price of the product minus our payment platform Stripe's fees. Our reports are priced at $33 and Stripe fees are $1.25. Therefore, the total commission for each sale is $15.87.

Payment Processor

We use the third party payment processor Stripe to handle payments, so you are required to open an account there. When a customer buys a product, the commission is automatically sent to your Stripe account within minutes. If the user refunds the item, the commission will also be refunded from your account. An email is also sent to you to notify you of the purchase, along with metadata such as the customer's email address.


1. Review the Terms and Conditions

By becoming an affiliate for Astro-Charts and simply using our Affiliate Tool, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the Marketing Affiliate Program Agreement. You agree to remain in compliance as long as you are affiliated with us.

Note that these terms get updated from time to time. You will be notified by email when they do and be given a chance to review the updates. Check back here to get the latest version.

2. Register with Stripe

Whether you have an existing Stripe account or need to create one, click the button above to get started.

Place your up to date business information including your URL, business name, email and phone number in Stripe. If they need to be updated, update them on this platform and notify us of the change by email.

3. Place the HTML code on your website

Once you complete the process with Stripe, the HTML code for the two iframes will be displayed. Place these anywhere on your site.

The Tools

Note that the size and style of this iframe can be customized by adjusting the width and height parameters. If you do not like the scroll effect, the tools can be made to extend to full page length. The tools are also mobile-friendly.