Sun / Chiron Aspects in Synastry

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When there is an aspect between Sun and Chiron in a synastry chart, it indicates a relationship that inspires one to feel more integrated within one's life.

Chiron represents our sensitivity within our charts. It represents where we feel vulnerable, and touchy. Likely it is an area where one is overextending themselves rather than moving with caution. We often feel vulnerable because we're not fully present in this area of our life, not fully aware of our presence.

Love is the great integrater, and when this relationship shines, it feels wholesome. This is a relationship that offers an opportunity to learn to fully accept yourself rather than fragmenting off parts of yourself.

The Sun represents our will, our core expression, our hero's journey. The core theme of Sun and Chiron aspects within the synastry chart is wounding and healing around one's central ambition and life's work.

This is a relationship that is likely to touch one deeply. Suddenly you get inspiration around what you are 'supposed' to be doing with your life. Together you both feel a resounding sense of purpose, in a warm, mutual way. You fuel each other's fire.

Suddenly parts of you that have felt wounded for a while are impossible to ignore. You inspire each other to find healing and be shameless about it.

In particular, this relationship shines a light on areas of your life where you were hiding, as if nursing a wound. It may feel painful at times to feel the spotlight on your wounds. And yet, this relationship inspires you to start walking down your unique path toward self-healing, embracing your own methods, however unconventional they are to others.

You have a unique opportunity to share your own methods of healing with one another, and this is something you may find yourself connecting around often. At the same time, there can be a danger of trying to over-analyze each others problems - getting excessively absorbed in the idea that you need to solve each other's issues.

When the Sun and Chiron touch in synastry, it is as if the a roaring fire gets nestled by a drizzly, yet protective, fog. It is soothing and the elements balance well. However, there is always a chance that the wet element become over powering or, more directly, engage in over analyzing.

You can't solve each other's issues. That is primarily a process that is individual. But you can be teachers to one another, sharing your own spiritual processes and paths to healing. You are likely to find that together you come across crazy insights that completely change the way you process things.

Like the story of Chiron, who was "the wounded healer", your gift to each other is sharing your own path to self-healing. Chiron was able to guide others to heal because he had to learn how to heal himself first.

This overall description apply to all aspects between the planets such as Sun Square Chiron, Sun Conjunction Chiron, Sun Opposition Chiron, Sun Sextile Chiron, Sun Trine Chiron, Sun Quincunx Chiron. The exact aspect between the two alters the core relationship between the planets, but the themes remain the same.

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